JoeMayk Gives Us Something Heartwarming In “One Hundred Miles” (Review & Stream)


JoeMayk’s latest album, Drive Somewhere, hits the ground running with its opening track “One Hundred Miles.”

Venezuelan singer and songwriter, JoeMayk, is not a novice to the world of creating music. He has been involved with music since he was eight years old, so it only makes sense that his fingers would fly across his guitar chords with ease. The pop/rock musician is truly incredible on his electric guitar.

In “One Hundred Miles,” JoeMayk sings, “Run 100 miles, don’t stop until you find me. Run 100 miles to you, I won’t stop until I find you.” The beautifully harmonized bridge and chorus tell us everything we need to know about the type of song this is: It’s a love song with one of the most brilliant electric guitar solos.

The ten track album Drive Somewhere is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.



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