Silk City Recruits Goldlink & Desiigner For Loud (Review & Stream)

On paper, a collaboration between GoldLink and Desiiigner sounds legit!

Who’s down for a party? If not, after listening to this track, I guarantee you will be. Production-wise, “Loud” has this ‘summertime pool party/Marvin’s on a day where its not black’ vibe to it. As expected, GoldLink kills the track, throwing bar after bar at it, trying his hardest to manipulate the beat as much as he can. As for Desiigner, he simply goes ape s**t on his part, demonstratively demanding the DJ to turn up the music or die! (At least that’s how I interpreted it) The track is a lot of fun, and probably a bit random.

My guy, Suave, put me on to GoldLink, and I haven’t looked back since.




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