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Major Moment – Leave Out All The Rest (A Tribute To Chester Bennington) (Review & Stream)

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“Leave Out All The Rest” is as beautiful and exciting as a tribute song will get.

“Leave Out All The Rest” has a tempo that is pretty calm at the beginning, featuring smooth guitars accompanied by an infectious drum beat that can pass you by. But near the middle, the song shows a another side, shifting into something that feels a lot more powerful all-around. In my opinion, the structure of the song is perfect for someone who is keen of good lyrics and a nice melody, but can also tie the emotional sentiments that the track gives off into their own internal thoughts and memories.

This track is a tribute to the singer, Chester Charles Bennigton, who was found dead at his home in July. Major Moment wanted to give their interpretation of the feelings that  Bennington would want all the people in his world that he left behind to feel, resulting in a touching closure to a life that was taken way to early.

Make sure you give “Leave Out All The Rest” a listen!  Also, make sure you check out more from the group on the links below!




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