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Cody Daniel Lets The World Know That Nothing Is Stopping Him From Living Out His Dreams In His Exciting New Single Called “Breaking Away.”

I see nothing but focus in Cody Daniel’s eyes…

When you are a high-octane artist that puts the work in to be the best that you can be at your craft, I see absolutely nothing wrong with displaying your road to success to the listeners. Well, in “Breaking Away,” you get that and plenty more from Cody Daniel, as he talks about the relentlessness he has to live out his dreams one day at a time, even if that way of thinking comes with certain trials and tribulations.

I love the passion that Cody sings with throughout this song. I feel like he wants every powerful word he speaks to tug at your heart, so much so, that you end up fully investing in his music career. I also love the hypnotizing/hard-hitting best he sings over. It definitely matches Cody’s intensity and urgency.

Make sure you check out “Breaking Away” up above, trust me, you won’t be disappointed.



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