As A Woman

DJ Waterzz Ends Up Under A Bad Chick’s Spell In “As a Woman” (Review & Stream)

Having a wandering eye is as American as Apple Pie.

Fellas, we’ve all been in a scenario where we end up walking behind some fine ass chick that you want to fully pursue, but can’t, because you have a girl at home. Nonetheless, you might glance a little at her and keep it moving, but sometimes, that girl is so bad that you have no choice but to say something to her; that is the predicament DJ Waterzz is in on this song.

Over this lively instrumental, DJ Waterzz outlines all the reasons this mysterious chick is catching his attention, including her glow, skimpy clothing and sneaky demeanor. As expected, our hero begins devising a strategy to get at her, and it revolves around smooth words and lots of observing. (S**t, if I was in his shoes, I would use the same approach). I love how DJ Waterzz’s rhymes come out so seamlessly on his verses, as he relies on his swag and playa ways to carry him through. This approach fits the vibe of the instrumental nicely, and also gives you the impression that he was Shaft in his previous life.

Make sure you check out “As A Woman” up top, folks! You can learn a thing or two from it.



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