Fidem Beats

Fidem Beats Balances A Raunchy Love Life With His Booming Music Career In His Smooth New Banger Called “Hood Lovin.” (Review & Stream)

There’s no lovin’ like hood lovin’, guys!

“Hood Lovin” is only two and a half minutes long, but in that short time, Fidem Beats accomplishes a lot. First and foremost, he was able to lay down these three silky smooth verses and a hook that has him doing a bit of harmonizing, fast pace rapping and melodizing. The approach he uses on the track fits in nicely with the smooth instrumental he was served with, resulting in undeniable vibes.

You know what I love about this song? Lyrically, Fidem is as raw as it gets, never holding back when it comes to describing the sexual favors he wants to do to his chick. He does also drop some knowledge on us on the third verse, telling us to focus on bettering ourselves before chasing chicks. I f**k with both messages he delivers, especially because they each sound authentic.




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