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Caesar Osiris Is Like No Other Artist You’ve Heard Before. Hear an Example of his Groundbreaking Music in Más Allá!

If you think about it, the whole idea behind water can be very cathartic. Its tranquility may calm us down and arouse feelings of relaxation when seeing it during a walk on the beach or even a stroll along the poolside. Caesar Osiris knows this, and that is why he decided to dedicate a song to the tasteless chemical substance titled “Más Allá”.

“Más Allá” seduces the listener by its dance vibes and easy-going roots, but also touches on environmental concerns about the pollution of the oceans and the toxic waste issues that can be noticed when walking one afternoon at the coast side. As the years pass by, many artists like Osiris are becoming intrigued and involved in singing more and more about the pollution of the planet, making sure their statements are heard and people are influenced along the way. In “Más Allá,” you might read through it’s message and be concerned a bit, but most of the time while listening, you will travel to this whole new world where water and music can make you seize the moment, feeling free and relaxed!

Make sure you check out Más Allá up top, and read more about Caesar Osiris HERE!


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