I Want You Back

Sofia Evangelina Beautifully Covers Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” (Review & Stream)

My soul feels replenished after listening to this cover.

I know what you are all wondering… “Do we really need another cover of a Jacksons 5 song?” In this case, Yes! Even though remakes to the unforgettable band’s music is often attempted and failed by many different artists in various scenarios (Particularly music competition shows), this time around, Sofia Evangelina, with her velvety vocals and youthful energy, transforms the iconic “I Want You Back” into a more neat and bright version, making it transparent and vigilant for today’s media followers and public. The coverĀ is addictive and highly unique, and with its charm and harmonious ways, successfully pays its homage and respect to its origins.

Sofia is young, talented and well-versed in a myriad of genres. Read more about the Canadian phenom HERE!



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