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I Bet You Mary Knoblock’s “King Of Spades” Will Be The Most Unique Thing You Heard Today


Mary Knoblock has quite an ear for music. In her latest EP, “Desert Spade,” she looks to showcase her production skills, giving us eight tracks full of various emotions. Today, I review one of the tracks off of the project called “King Of Spades.”

There is a lot of out-of-this-worldly music on Mary Knoblock’s “Desert Spade” EP, but there isn’t one quite like “King Of Spades.” The four and a half minute instrumental is initially powered by futuristic vibes, but eventually turns into this nature-filled masterpiece towards the middle. The shift in styles is natural, so no need to worry about your mind being blown.

As a listener, there is so many different sounds thrown at you on this song, and at one point, it all begins to make sense. In my opinion, it’s musical brilliance, and something that will probably end up being the most unique thing you heard today.

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