Chand K Nova

Chand K Nova’s “Take Flight” Is The Therapeutic Musical Experience You Need! (Review & Stream)

Chand K Nova can reach my soul without saying a single word in his music.

Chand K Nova is a talented multi-instrumentalist/music producer that plays every instrument you hear in his music (And trust me, he plays each masterfully). In his newest EP, “The Drifter,” he shines bright, providing the listeners with everything from solemn tunes to electrifying masterpieces. One of my favorite songs off of the six track EP is “Take Flight” — A soothing gem that features some heavy-hitting drumming, earth-shattering bass and truly amazing guitar-play. Overall, I love the song’s soothing nature and summery vibes, as it aims to get you out of your house and explore the wonders of the world.

Make sure you check out more from Chand K Nova HERE!



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