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Nowicki Brings Storytelling Pop Music To The Forefront In His Latest EP (Review & Stream)

In Nowicki’s latest EP, “Initiation,” the pop music you hear is done in such a poetic way, as our hero does a great job of touching on real-life topics such as falling in and out of love and being content/happy with whatever outcome you are dealt with when life is being bi-polar. Overall, it’s a body of work that listeners will find both heartwarming and dramatically honest. Today, I will rate one of the tracks off of the EP called “Make This Feeling Stay.”  

Nowicki’s cool and groovy demeanor fits perfectly with his life approach, as musically, he is able to transform a bad day into a great one effortlessly. In “Make This Feeling Stay,” track number two off of this magnificent nine track EP, listeners are treated to this cocktail-inspired track that does a great job of lifting up spirits and generating smiles. Additionally, the lyrics you get from our lead artist is powered by both confidence and positivity, as his sentiments echo the ideology of living life and withstanding the bumps on the road that may come — a philosophy that we should all (if we haven’t already) adopt, cogitate and apply into our everyday lives.

Nowicki’s “Initiation” EP will definitely make you feel good about yourself, leaving behind the negativity in your life while getting your endorphins active.



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