Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper Assists Reeseynem In The Highly Enjoyable “What’s The Hook?” (Review & Stream)

Wasn’t the last three Chance The Rapper singles super refreshing to listen to? (I’m not countingĀ “Wala Cam,” I hated that joint)

Chance is clearly on his J.O.B. as of late, and rightfully so, the n***a has the word ‘Rapper’ in his name. Today, the jolly Chicago-based artist decided to drop off yet another record for us called “What’s The Hook,” and as expected, it’s a lot of fun to listen to. The track features Reeseynem, and I am pretty sure it’s his song and all, but everything about it fits Chance’s style: I’m talking the feel-good instrumental, the playful vibes of the record, and the mix between goofy and political lyrical content between the exuberant duo. All in all, I think listeners are going to love the hook to this song, Reesynem’s gritty yet easy-going verse, and of course, Chance’s insistence on being his fun-loving self throughout.

Doesn’t Reesynem remind you of DRAM a bit?




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