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T-Pain Releases One Of His Unreleased Gems Featuring Ace Hood Called “Miami” (Review & Stream)

T-Pain dropped some of the realest s**t in the game when he was poppin’!

Out of the last 2GB of T-Pain’s dusty ass hard drive comes this unreleased track called “Miami.” It’s a passionate banger that has both the Tallahassee crooner and special guest, Ace Hood, doing their best to calm their respective lovers down about them being M.I.A. to take trips to M.I.A. (You like what I did there?) Surprisingly (Or not so surprisingly), the track is very passionate, as T-Pain legit sounds concerned that his woman is on the verge of slapping the hell out of him, while Ace plays that one guilty n***a that stutters when he talks and can’t look anyone eye to eye. I like the track, and think it could’ve fit on any one of T-Pain’s last albums, but then again, he had nothing but hits at the time, so he probably didn’t need this joint.

This song has Will Smith’s version of Miami turning in its grave.



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