Wyclef And Canibus Clear The Air On “Letter To Canibus” (Review & Stream)

Closure is one helluva drug.

Wyclef Jean and Canibus were quite the tandem back in 1998, then suddenly, their friendship dissipated. If you ask me, it was because LL Cool J got in Canibus’ ass on that infamous diss record towards him called “CAN-I-BUS,” but hey, I’m no fly on the wall. 20 years later, the two decided to reunite for “Letter To Canibus,” and it explains some of their falling out. At this point in time, I don’t care what happened, but for the ones who do, the song explains all the bad decisions both artists made that deteriorated their relationship. I think the track is dope, as the former buddies give props, ask burning questions to one another and reminisce about the good ole times.

For the record, I think Canibus had the better battle record against LL Cool J. LL just had more clout at the time.



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