Donny Osmond

Lil Yachty And Donny Osmond Link Up For The Sake Of Chef-Boy Arr-dee In “Start The Par-dee” (Review & Stream)

The ‘hand shamelessly on my face’ emoji is very necessary here.

If you can ignore the blatant cheesiness behind the subject matter at hand, you actually get a song that is pretty decent here. “Start The Par-dee” (Jesus help me) features this bass boomin’ instrumental that has lots of youthful energy attached to it, two verses by Lil Yachty in which he talks about the wonderful things you find in a Chef Boyar-dee can (Jesus, help me once again), and a pretty damn good contribution from Donny Osmond in which he sounds like Ty Dolla $ign 2.0. I may not play the song again, but I definitely enjoyed listening to it this time around.

Lil Yachty is aiming to be the poster boy for a lane that is career threatening.



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