Ivory Lee

Susan Odella’s “SHINE” Is EDM/Dance Music At Its Finest (Review & Stream)

Life is too short to not have music with positive energy in your iTunes library.

Susan Odella is a Minnesota based composer/songwriter that has a myriad of awards under her belt. One of her newest masterpieces is called “SHINE” — an exhilarating track that has feel good vibes and lots of animation to it. The three minute and fifteen second song boasts this bright instrumental that is powered by a keyboard, synth bass and powerful drumming. The lead singer on the song, Ivory Lee, feeds off of that energy, providing us with a performance that is cheery, radiant and passionate.

With the topic of “SHINE” revolving around having a glow whenever that special person comes around, I thought the enthusiasm Ivory Lee showed was appropriate on his contributions. I also felt like the emphasis Susan put on explosive vibes and touching words was brilliant. In my opinion, it’s the definition of a perfectly structured song.

You get quite the musical experience listening to this!




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