Bas & J. Cole Team Up For “Tribe” (Review & Stream)


Bas and J. Cole look just as homeless as one another these days.

Dreamville is poppin’! And that is mainly because their honcho has been motivated as of late. Well today, the label’s Pippen decided to drop a brand new single called “Tribe,” and in it, he drops some tough ass bars about some dope ass chick that isn’t superficial but is down to earth. Throughout his verse, he switches flows like girls switch clothes, putting your mind into spinner mode from start to finish. It’s definitely a well done verse from our guy.

With Cole killing so much s**t as of late, it’s pretty dope hearing him take a step back and rap over some light-hearted s**t. In his verse, he shows a bit of versatility, switching between rapping and singing about his successes and the obstacles that made it hard for him to reach them.

Ya’ll think that’s a real backdrop on the video up there?



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