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Jamit Returns With The Purposeful “MRT” (Review & Stream)


Jamit is one special musician.

Much like his other music does, Jamit’s “MRT” gives listeners the chance to enter into the mind of a genius that sees music as one of the most captivating forms of storytelling.

So what exactly is MRT? It stands for ‘Mass Rapid Transit,’ a metro system in Singapore that was built mainly by Indian laborers. With that being said, Jamit made sure he dedicated this tune to both them and the other hard working people of the world that do real work but don’t quite get credit for it.

The root of this song is gritty in nature, but also features very subtle signs of glimmer. The song is also fast in pace, giving off this urgent feel that is synonymous with the rigors of working on an assembly line of sorts.

You know what I love most about Jamit’s music? It usually has some sort-of futuristic feel to it at some point. In “MRT,” Jamit gives us some of those vibes at the end, warming the hearts of IT lovers like myself. Thanks, Jamit!



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