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blackbear is hurting bad in “the 1” (Review & Stream)

Sappy ass music is winning right now.

blackbear has been making some pretty dope records these last couple years, dabbling in hip hop music and even linking up with trapstars like Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz. Well it looks like someone broke his heart in the last couple of months, cause in his newest record, he gives us something soulful and lonely sounding. “The 1” features this passionate instrumental, and on it, our guy gives us something that’s high on emotions both vocally and content-wise. I like the futuristic energy the track gives off throughout, and surprisingly, f**k with the vulnerability our hero shows on his verses.

Why does everyone’s ex always move to Portland? It’s almost like they know that it’s the one place no one is trying to visit people in.



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