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Chance The Rapper & Joey Purp Help KAMI & Smoko Ono Get Their Groove Back In “Reboot” (Review & Stream)


Chance The Rapper has his ears to the most random streets in America.

From the land of unlikely collaborations comes a track featuring Joey Purp, Smoko Ono and Chance The Rapper. But for one second, forget the fact that majority of the individuals on this song are no-names, take some time to listen to what you hear… I hear a track with a lot of energy, some pretty decent raps by everyone involved, and a hook by our lead artist that has a phenomenal bop to it and some of the most resilient words you would hear on a rap song today. Yes, Chance’s part is the best on this song, as he grabs our attention with some infectious melodizing and animated bars, but I think the effort by everyone involved was excellent!

Chance can literally collaborate with anyone on this planet, but he continues to big up the lil homies! (That’s dope)




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