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French Montana’s “Famous” Remix With Adam Levine Has “Unforgettable” Appeal (Review & Stream)

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French Montana and Adam Levine have a hit here.

Honestly, French Montana is spitting some serious knowledge on this joint. “Famous” talks about a girl that our hero is f**king with that is a dime in his book, so much so that he doesn’t want people to tell her because her head might blow up. I know, that s**t sounds a bit petty, but with the solemn vocals and careful wording he provides throughout his contributions, s**t comes across as totally heartwarming.

I know the track says it features Adam Levine, but on the real, I feel like he makes it his. To start the song off, he gives it a new feel, giving us this beautifully crafted verse in the beginning.

This version of French Montana that is rapping over Caribbean beats is on the road to hip hop’s hall of fame.



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