Bryson Tiller

Bryson Tiller’s “Cancelled” Has Hit Written All Over It (Review & Stream)

When Bryson Tiller is focused like this, he’s one of the hottest artists out.

Bryson Tiller has always done a good job of letting his fans know that he’s cut from a different cloth than us; in “Cancelled,” that reminder is loud and clear. The three minute track features this divine yet amped up instrumental, and on it, Bryson raps and sings about this down ass chick that has shown some serious loyalty to him despite his many wrongdoings to her. If you ask me, the track has hit written all over it, which makes Bryson 3/3 in his recent releases.

Bryson has one of the guiltiest consciences in hip hop history. The n***a does so much soul-searching in his music.




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