Hip Hop

Mick Jenkins Holds Nothing Back On “What Am I To Do” (Review & Stream)

Seriously, who’s f**kin’ with Mick Jenkins right now?

Before pressing play on the Soundcloud link you see above, I already had my money on this song being hotter than Cameron Diaz on The Mask. Seriously, it said it featured production from Kaytranada, and if you know anything about a dude like Mick Jenkins, the beats Kaytranada makes should/will bring out the beast/best in him. Welp, that’s exactly what happened, folks… The beat Kay shipped to him is on some old school/soulful s**t, prompting Mick to dig deep into his knowledge library, and all that came out was s**t about the present times and his lifestyle that will make you say “True” over and over again. On top of that, he gives us some s**t that will make you nod your head non-stop, as he dabbles in wordplay so perfectly crafted that I’m sure he proofread the f**k out of his lyrics. All in all, this s**t is fire, and the perfect potion for a Monday morning!

Which song about contemplation is better? This or Joell Ortiz’s “Decisions?”




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