Tee Grizzley looks like A Dallas Cowboy’s offensive line man.

Tee Grizzley and PnB Rock are two artists in the industry that ain’t with the games, but they show their trillness in different ways. While Grizzley usually raps with more of a raw/gritty sound, PnB opts for more of a gentler approach, harmonizing and setting us up with a bomb ass melody whenever he gets the chance. On “No Rap Cap,” we get some freaky Friday s**t going on, because Tee chose to do some singing on his verse and PnB chose to rap tough for a good chunk of his. Eventually, they switch back to their traditional styles, resulting in more of a complete song. Nonetheless, the track is amped up and filled with tough ass bars that are centered around mobbin’, stealing women and bigging up the homies throughout!

I know this is kind of all topic, but the Memphis Grizzlies have a squad now.