Hip Hop

Kanye Officially Releases “XTCY” (Review & Stream)


Where’s the Drake diss record, though? 💜💜💜

Sometimes the best music comes from crazy muthaf**kas, and is there anyone in the industry crazier than Kanye West right now? In “XTCY,” the MAGA supporter gives us something that aims to f**k with your head a little, as he provides us with this beat that sounds like it was inspired by a couple of false starts and a nagging grandma. As expected, Kanye says the most outlandish s**t on the said beat, including the fact that he has four sisters-in-laws that are smashable, how he recorded women that we’ve apparently smashed, and last but not least, a couple of “Scoop, whoop de whoop’s” for us to take on the road with us. I f**k with the cleverness of Kanye’s bars, but when it comes to his topics, I simply cannot relate (And don’t want to)…

Is it that Kanye doesn’t give a f**k, or that Kanye just forgot what giving a f**k means? All this and more on Dr. Phil!




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