Buss It

Sage The Gemini And Chris Brown Are Both Looking For Some Action In “Buss It” (Review & Stream)

Sage The Gemini loves making music that regular girls can shake their asses to.

You know it’s pretty much Friday, right? Sage The Gemini and Chris Brown know this, and that’s why they decided to drop this club banger called “Buss It” for us. On it, both artists are pretty brash with their demands when it comes to the strippers of the world, asking them to bust it wide open and leave the door open if they can. I like the chill approach that Sage raps with on his contributions, never stressing a single sentiment, while Chris does the opposite of that on his part, adding some well-needed energy and exuberance to the track. Let’s toast to some exuberance with more ass-shaking strippers, shall we?

Doesn’t it feel like white girls like the toughest of stripper songs? White girls also love them some Sage The Gemini, too.



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