Bit Of Tape

Du0’s “Bits Of Tape” Is A Beautiful Tune That Only Gets Better As It Goes On (Review & Stream)

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Trust me, you will never hear a song quite like “Bits Of Tape.”

Du0 doesn’t quite operate like us. When he decides to make music, he tends to think outside of the box, giving us something that music lovers will feel is both futuristic and next level. In “Bits Of Tape,” that is exactly what you get — A high-octane track that is vulnerable, passionate, breath-taking, and quite honestly, different. As a fan of music that is mind-numbing and peculiar, I find everything from the out-of-this-wordly instrumental to the overly passionate lyrics nothing less than fascinating. I also think the emotional vocals you get from our lead singer on the hook and verses is way too infectious to pass up, especially when it comes to heartwarming vibes. All in all, “Bits Of Tape” is quite the experience, and you should appreciate every second of it.

“Bits of Tape” is nothing short of musical excellence. Make sure you check it out when it hits major streaming services in the next couple of weeks!





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