Ethan P. Teel

The Owl-Eyes Are The Unlikeliest Of Political Pundits In “I Could Careless” (Review & Stream)

“I Could Careless” is the first single off of the upcoming “Hallelujah Hysteria.”

Ethan P. Teel takes the phrase ‘One Man Band’ to another level. Currently, as the lead guy (AKA the only guy) on The-Owl-Eyes, he plays all the instruments you hear, lays down all the vocals and probably hands out their album flyers, too. On “I Could Careless,” The band was able to give us something both exhilarating and slightly controversial, as it revolves around the 2016 presidential election and the paranoia that came with it. I love the melody to this song, I love its stirring message, and truly appreciate its vintage rock roots.

Make sure you check out the video to “I Could Careless” up top, and stay tuned for the bands debut album titled “Hallelujah Hysteria” in February 2019. Also, see more from Ethan P. Teel and The Owl-Eyes at the following links below:





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