Haunted Dreams

Warm Chord’s “Haunted Dreams” Is Quite The Riveting Experience (Review & Stream)

My mind was truly blown listening to this track.

Warm Chord’s Haunted Dreams is special. First and foremost, the electrifying energy attached to it caught my attention instantly, as listeners are treated to some daring vocals, heavy-hitting drumming and intoxicating guitar-play that is so intense that my neighbors told me to turn my speakers down even though I was listening to it on my earphones. Aside from that, the melody the vocalists were able to deliver was so well-constructed that my head was in a swivel keeping up with its twist and turns. But shouldn’t we expect such an epic outcome for a song in which our heroes talk about understanding each other’s pain and having the keys to each other’s hearts? I think so, which means Warm Chords delivered here.

Make sure you check out the passion-driven “Haunted Dreams” up top. Also, be sure to follow the band at the links below!





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