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Ludacris & Jermaine Dupri Give Us A Remix To “Welcome To Atlanta” Dedicated To The Falcons (Review & Stream)

Falcons already took a L before the season started.

Listen, I think it’s adorable that the Atlanta Falcons have their own theme song now, but damn, how tight would’ve it been if they had a remix with an updated cast of rappers? (Throw Quavo on the hook and give Lil Baby a verse or something!) Anyway, this remix to the track isn’t terrible, as it sounds almost identical to the original version (I liked the original version), but instead, you get some pretty amped up lyrics from both artists that has them discussing their love for their past teams and pumping up the current one. I think the idea behind the song is dope, but something about it also feels slightly corny.

I have Atlanta going 9-7 this year… Don’t worry, my Jets won’t do that much better.





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