Catching Gnomes

People In The Walls Combine Two Different Worlds Together In “Catching Gnomes” (Review & Stream)


People In The Walls have a scary name, but their music is scary good!

People in the Walls are a band that never settles for normal, and in their newest album, “What Noise Do They Make,” they treat listeners to a bunch of tracks that challenge your mind to think outside of the box. One of my favorite songs off of the album is “Catching Gnomes,” and on it, they were able to create this cutting-edge instrumental that combines some intense bass with these lively vibes. I absolutely love the rhythm attached to the track, and can’t help but feel solace in its soothing roots.

Around three and a half minutes into this song, it morphs into a villainous version that sounds like it didn’t get its coffee yet. It sobers up the mood for everyone in the room, and forces you to look forward to whatever happiness that might be instilled in their next track. I love this part, because it reminds you that the band still has their sinister side.

Make sure you check out People In The Walls’ latest album, “What Noise Do They Make,” HERE!



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