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People In The Walls’ “The Girl Who Died Twice” Is Music Gold (Review & Stream)


This song is the definition of ‘High-Octane.’

People in the Walls are special. Their knack for creating music that is practically genre-less is impressive, and their ability to tell stories with each and every instrument note they play is inspiring. In their newest project, “What Noise Do They Make,,” they give fans fourteen tracks full of pure emotion. One of their most powerful tunes on that album is “The Girl Who Died Twice” — A less than three minute gem that has celebratory vibes to it, but at the same time, these hallowing roots that will make you want to keep 911 on speed dial. I like the exuberant horns, heavy-hitting drumming and variation of melodies you get throughout, and absolutely love how the song loses it’s s**t near the very end! It tells me the band wanted to create an anthem that both electrifies and intimidates anyone who listens to it.

I guess it’s worth a celebration if you get the chance to die twice, right?



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