YoungBoy Never Broke Again – 4Loyalty (EP Review)


Another week means yet another Young Boy Never Broke Again EP. This time around, he focuses on the term “Loyalty” and recruits Quando Rondo for about 75% of the project (Much like how Kevin Gates was on all of 4Freedom) I expect the EP to be a lot of fun, but also very hood riveting.


TOP 5 2



“RIP Dump” is a combination of every song you heard on this EP. It has some hard-hitting elements, emotional vibes, moments that are chill, and lots of straight up rapping. In my opinion, the combination brings out the best in Young Boy Never Broke Again, because he’s able to go through the many different mood swings a troubled youth is inevitable to go through.

Dedication tracks are usually soulful — and the beat to this song is definitely soulful with its touching piano notes and s**t — however, Young Boy uses this song as an opportunity to flex his muscles and let the world know that you can’t turn his lights off. I guess in the hood it’s kill or be killed, and his paranoia really starts to flare up when he thinks about his homies that are gone (Which he probably should).



I love when hood n***as call other hood n***as bluff! I swear, I start to laugh profusely whenever it happens. On “This For,” you get that in spurts, as YoungBoy Never Broke Again and Quando Rondo call out fake b*tches, fake thugs and everyone in-between. What happens from there is lots of bragging and reckless talk from both of our heroes, as they each outline the things they have and want in their possession using a myriad of consistent flows. I like the tempo attached to the track, and absolutely love how YoungBoy slays the hook by doing a splash of harmonizing (just a splash) and dropping an infectious melody for us.


1. THIS FOR (5/5)



4. RIP DUMP (4/5)




Listen, no one in the industry currently has the same level of explosive energy as YoungBoy Never Broke Again. Whether it’s a club banger or an emotional cut, he comes with pure passion, so much so that I usually start sweating when I listen to his s**t. On 4Loyalty, I think he takes us on the roughest of roller-coaster rides out of the 3 EP’s, going from club banger to emotional cut to chill back to emotional cut. I think he also shows his versatility on this project quite a bit, showcasing his ability to play ‘hit-maker’ in “This For,” crooner in “Permanent Scar,” and ‘Rambo’ in “RIP Dump.” I love each and every character he portrays, especially because he makes you feel like you got your money’s worth listening to a musical version of a Shakespeare play.

It was hard to fit this part into my main conclusion, but Quando Rondo was excellent on this project! He matched YoungBoy’s energy throughout, and actually delivered some pretty impressive bars when he rapped. I actually think he has a bright future. I also loved the instrumentals to this project, mainly because they challenged YoungBoy to be great every step of the way.

Alright, I’m ready for your next EP, YoungBoy! I’m guessing it will be called “4Lyfe” (Misspelled and everything).


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