Lately Baby

Rhett Repko’s Gives Us Another Hit With “Lately Baby” (Review)


For all the fans of electrifying guitar solos and riveting vocals, Rhett Repko’s “Lately Baby” is right up your alley!

Rhett Repko is back with a new single that is sure to rock your socks off! In “Lately Baby,” he sings about enduring a break up and possibly being ghosted, but also wanting to get a second chance with his lover by approaching her with a brand new mindset.

Andy Reed keeps us energized on the drums, while Rhett Repko and Stefan Heuer tear it up on the guitar and vocals. My favorite part of this track is the guitar solo from 2:20-2:41. (It sorta reminded me of Switchfoot’s “Meant To Live”) All in all, “Lately Baby” is a solid hit, which is to be expected from this trio who are known for putting in endless studio hours to create their stellar music.

Rhett Repko has a tendency to make extremely relatable music — something we can never have too much of.



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