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Amilia K Spicer Delivers In The Emotional “Harlan” (Review & Stream)

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Amilia K Spicer absolutely stuns on this song.

“Harlan” is so beautifully done. Powered by Country vibes derived from the gentlest of instrument-play, Amilia goes on an emotional journey in which she pursues this comforting figure named Harlan. Throughout, her poetic lyrics will strike a chord with you, as her talks about climbing mountains and enduring pain is pretty chilling. In addition to that, the airy vibes of both the instrumental and her tender vocals will sooth your mind. All in all, “Harlan” felt as therapeutic as any other song I’ve heard in the last year.

Make sure you check out Amilia K Spicer’s “Harlan” track up top! Also, be on the lookout for her brand new album titled Wow and Flutter.



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