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Immerze Doesn’t Need Love In “More” (Review & Stream)

Who needs love when you got racks, right?

This track definitely goes! It’s high-octane, has a nice little bop to it, and Immerze’s reckless words has officially inspired me to be the most outlandish version of myself the next time I hit the club. (Anything less than seven shots is uncivilized)

You know what I love about this track? Immerze gets gassed up by the idea of being single, and in my opinion, that exuberance feels all the way real. Aside from that, you get a pretty dynamic performance from the Vancouver native, as he sorta powers his way to the finish line utilizing some boisterous raps and tricky flows. In my opinion, he shows some serious talent throughout.

Immerze is happy that his chick isn’t around right now, but once the winter time comes around, he’ll be begging for her forgiveness more than a Christian (That’s how it always goes).




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