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Mozzy Calls On YG And Ty Dolla $ign For “Thugz Mansion” (Review & Stream)

If there is a Thugz Mansion, there also has to be a heaven for the ghetto too, right?

You know a sound in hip hop that’s been missing these last couple of years? That real n***a one in which every artist involved sounds like they recorded their verse at a church alter. Well Mozzy was able to give us that on “Thugz Mansion,” and in the process, he called on some real ones such as Ty Dolla $ign and YG to help him out.

I f**k with the fact that this joint has a nice little bop to it, but also has some emotional vibes, too. I also like the tough love talk by YG on his verse, the gritty yet humbling contribution from Mozzy on his, and my personal favorite, Ty’s soulful singing on the hook and the bridge. Together, they give you holy feels without actually being in church.

Cali has some real ones.



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