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David Guetta Calls On Lil Uzi Vert, G-Eazy And Mally Mall For The Explosive “Motto” (Review & Stream)



You have to admit, rappers nowadays are way more open to trying new things.

David Guetta is the ultimate hype monster, so it shouldn’t surprise you that in his newest single he recruited a couple of artists that are willing to turn the clubs upside down.

“Motto” is exhilarating and raw, something that fits Lil Uzi Vert’s style well. Because of this, he shines bright on this song, laying down a hook and first verse that will get you hyped with its infectious energy and sexually explicit lyrics.

G-Eazy loves playing that one dude that is too cool for school when he raps, and on this song, he slys his way through the song promoting his money-making/b*tch getting brand. Much like his last couple of features, he gave a mailed-in performance rapping-wise, but his presence certainly made his part stomach-able.

Geez, I would hate to be a women that loves hip hop… These rap n***as are way too reckless with their words these days.



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