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Finessen’s “Sidney Poitier” Is The Smoothest Of Bangers (Review & Stream)

Finessen stays true to his name on this hit!

If you aren’t familiar with Finessen, it’s about time you get hip to him. He’s an up and coming rapper that I feel has one of the better ears for music that I’ve heard in a while. In his latest single, “Sidney Poiter,” he creates the definition of a banger — In other words, something with quite the knock, but also strong melodically.

On his verses, Finessen lets all the chicks of the world know that they are very replaceable if they act up around him, but at the same time, if they treat him right, they should know that there’s a chance that he can treat them to the wonders of the world. I love the sly demeanor Finessen shows throughout, as he sorta glides through both the hook and his verses using some silky smooth vocals and boisterous lyrics. In my opinion, you can’t lose with that formula.

This song will be on repeat all weekend for me.



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