Kris Wu And Jhene Link Up For Sultry Banger Called “Freedom” (Review & Stream)


Another day, another artist trying to steal my girl (SMH).

If you weren’t paying much attention to this song, you would think it was a sweet little ballad that featured some cutesy words from our two crooners; WRONG! Instead, it’s a tune that aims to manipulate our beloved women into leaving us in favor of cool kids like Mr. Wu through some infectious snap music (That s**t always works, bruh!) Kris and Jhene give us some pretty decent contributions on the track, with the former dropping some pretty fly bars and the latter adding some gentleness into the fray. Unfortunately, the song is dope as hell, but I don’t think I want my woman listening to it.

Kris Wu has potential. Jhene is living up to her potential right now.




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