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Lana Del Rey Returns With New Single Titled “Mariners Apartment Complex” (Review & Stream)

On the single artwork to this song, Lana Del Rey looks like wifey when I take a picture of her while she knows she’s not looking the best.

So here’s the deal: Lana Del Rey can be very exciting when she wants to be, but in this new track, she gives us something very solemn-sounding. (It actually feels like a song you would hear in the background of your local CVS store) The root of it is powered by a gentle instrumental, and vocally, Lana is as smooth as it gets. Content-wise, she tries to paint the hippiest of pictures when it comes to unconditional love, and she does it so well that I feel like it has to be her approach in real life. Nonetheless, the track is vintage-sounding and absolutely therapeutic.

I officially have a crush on Lana Del Rey! Something about an annoyed looking woman is cute to me.



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