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The Owl-Eyes Returns With Yet Another Stirring Single Titled “Unknown Sin (Stormy Daniels)” (Review & Stream)

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I love how The Owl-Eyes hold nothing back when they make music.

The-Owl-Eyes is one of those talented bands that pushes both boundaries and buttons when they make music. In their newest track, “Unknown Sin (Stormy Daniels),” you get one of their most intriguing efforts to-date.

“Unknown Sin (Stormy Daniels)” is just as explosive as its title. It features some explosive vocals, exhilarating guitar-play and heavy-hitting drumming by Zahk Peterson. The combination makes for an adventurous experience that sorta grabs you by the collar and shakes you up, down and around.

As you usually get with an Owl-Eyes song, one of the best aspects of it is its deep lyrics. On Ethan’s verses, he tells a vivid tale about gossip and how it can impact how we treat the ones we care about. His delivery will have you glued to his every word, and as far as his emotion, it will surely make you connect with the subject matter at hand.

Make sure you hear “Unknown Sin (Stormy Daniels)” up top, and be sure to follow the band at the following links below:



WEBSITE = theowleyes.com
FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/OwlEyes1995/
TWITTER  https://www.twitter.com/Owl_Eyes1995
INSTAGRAM  https://www.instagram.com/theowleyes1995/



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