Asher Roth

Asher Roth Returns With A Different Sound In “Mommydog” (Review & Stream)


Asher Roth is the only white rapper that isn’t engulfed in rap beef (As far as I’m concerned).

What a lot of you don’t know is that Asher Roth is one of my favorite artists, but unfortunately, he hasn’t been dropping music as consistently as I would want him to. Whatever the case may be, today, he returned to the music scene with one of the chillest rap records of his career. The three minute track is powered by this calm instrumental that our hero absolutely manipulates with his signature wordplay and brilliant rap delivery. In addition to that, his lyrical content is on some real s**t, as he touches on how important his home is to him. Overall, the track is all about its vibes, and if you are close to a beach or something, I recommend playing it in the background as you layout and pop a Corona and lime.

Shout-out to the good people at Slackie Brown for always giving me tabs on new Asher!




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