Chris Brown

Fre$h Calls On Chris Brown For The Sultry “Stop Playing” (Review & Stream)

If I made a song called “Stop Playing,” I might sound like Casanova on that muthaf**ka! (I hate women that play around about s**t like kickin’ it)

Fre$h has been steadily climbing up the charts, linking up with the biggest and baddest in the game these last couple of weeks. In his latest record, “Stop Playing,” he calls on Chris Brown to help him serenade all the women he has in his arsenal, and in my opinion, together, they succeed.

While “Stop Playing” is short (A little less than 3 minutes), in that time, both artists were able to get all the braggadocios/sexy talk out of their system. On Fre$h’s contributions, he plays that one slick gigolo that woos his women into his laps by letting them know about his successful ways, while Chris Brown comes at his chick blunt, vividly describing all the things he wants to do to her in the next couple of hours (That n***a is a helluva planner). In my opinion, the duo makes for the perfect combination on this song, and as a result, dudes like myself have yet another raw bedroom track we can play when the PYT comes over.




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