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Jac0b’s “Vibe” Is The Feel-Good Track You Need In Your Life


Have you ever heard a song that accurately describes a sunny day to you like this before?

Jac0b is a talented musician from Växjö, Sweden that has been mastering his craft since 2012. He mainly dabbles in mainstream Electro House Music, but to be quite honest with you, with his skills, his potential is endless. In “Vibe,” one of his newest singles, he gifts us with a feel-good track that I guarantee will brighten your mood regardless of the day you had.

You know what I love about “Vibe?” It has so much energy attached to it, some masterful instrument-play, and the way it evolves into something more powerful and passionate is beyond engulfing. Without words, the song touches your soul, which tells me that Jac0b isn’t just a producer, he’s also a mind-reader.

Play “Vibe” at home, at work, at the DMV, etc.. It will make the day move by a lot quicker!



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