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LilTight & E-Po Link Up For A New Banger Called “Drugs” (Review & Stream)


LilTight & E-PO prove that drug-talk can be the perfect conversation starter these days.

I’ma keep it real with you guys: This song is hot! First and foremost, LilTight made sure he provided us with something that was hard-hitting yet sensual on the instrumental — a combination that should put you in the mood to finesse almost immediately. From there, E-PO absolutely kills his contributions, dropping this dynamic hook that has its melodic side, but also this raw and unapologetic one, too! Matter of fact, I can see him knocking over furniture and s**t while he was laying down his part in the studio.

With everything around him practically going ham, LilTight plays the cool, calm and collected one on his two verses. Throughout both of them, he boasts about his winning ways to his women, while also dismissing all competition around him that can’t quite keep up with the reckless lifestyle that comes with drug-selling and usage. I f**k with how sly his raps come out, and believe he took the song to that next gear that it needed to be taken to.

F**k it, next time I’m in the club, I’m asking any woman I talk to what type of drugs they are into (We might as well break the ice as soon as possible, right?).





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