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1992 & SkinnyFlackoo Link Up For The Consciously Aware “Never Slaves” (Review & Stream)


If 1992 and SkinnyFlackoo were NFL players, I’m guessing they’ll kneel during the anthem.

“Never Slaves” is riveting, powerful, and probably the realest s**t you heard this week. On it, both 1992 and SkinnyFlackoo spit some raw ass bars about critical topics such as racism, crooked cops and staying woke when it comes to the way people of color are treated in the U.S.A. I love how both artists hold nothing back when it comes to elaborating on touchy topics, as they meet the stirring beat with the level of urgency it needs.

Honestly, we need more music like this. There was a time in which rap had a good mixture of conscience and party music, and in my opinion, that balance kept hip hop fans like myself sane. This song will give you a slight flashback to that time, and as a result, you will appreciate every second of it.



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