Bad Thing

2nd Verse’s “Bad Thing” Is All About Its Vibes (Review & Stream)


This is the type of track that would motivate me to be disrespectful to someone’s wifey in the club.

In the last couple of years, hip hop and Caribbean music have been going hand in hand. If you turn on the radio, there’s a good chance you’ll see the combination, and more than likely, you’ll enjoy it. Well it seems like 2nd Verse and Rich Wave understand this, because in their latest single, “Bad Thing,” they blend the two genres together, and the end result is nothing but heat!

You know the number one thing that caught my attention about this song? How both of our heroes come across as genuine on it. On 2 Verse’s verses (Try saying that fast three times), he does his best to serenade his woman with words that will motivate her to take that next step with him, while Rich Wave gives us something a bit rawer on the hook, mainly babbling about chicks being replaceable and his inability to commit at times. I love 2nd Verse’s silky smooth rap style on his contributions, and the melody and infectious harmonizing Rich Wave is able to give us on his part is special.

If you aren’t quite ready to let the summer go, i suggest you give 2nd Verse’s “Bad Thing” a listen! It definitely features a vibe you can use in your life right now.



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