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Gage Tielr Shines Bright In “With Love” (EP Review)


Gage Tielr is motivated and ready to prove his worth on “With Love”

It is not very often that you get a rapper that is able to mix the vibes of today with the lyrical know-how similar to the MC’s of yesterday; in “With Love,” that is exactly what you get from the Worcester, MA native known as Gage Tielr!

Every song you hear on this project is energetic enough to get you hyped, but the lyrics Gage Tielr spits varies when it comes to impact. On songs like “Emblem,” you get a chance to hear our hero touch on his winning ways and knack for wooing women, while on other songs like “Twisted,” he discusses the importance of giving yourself a pat on the back when you see success as a result of the hard work you put in. This versatility powers “With Love,” and as a listener, you will get so many opportunities to learn what it’s like to be an up and coming rap star that did/does things the right way.

If you are a fan of rap, you will enjoy every second of this EP. The rapping is good, the beats knock, and most importantly, Gage Tielr is able to keep your attention for the duration of it. I highly recommend it.




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