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Leah Capelle Illuminates In “Out of Love” (Review & Stream)


If you don’t feel motivated to live life free after listening to this song, you may need to get a doctor to check and see if you have a pulse.

Leah Capelle is a singer/songwriter who shows a great amount of passion on practically every release that she makes. Recently, she released her “Out of Love” single from her highly anticipated “Giants” EP, and as expected, it’s absolutely stirring!

Powered by this serene yet heavy-hitting instrumental, Leah Capelle gives us her all, delivering this lively performance that centers around some pretty compelling vocals. Aside from that, the melodies she was able to gift us with are fascinating, and her lyrical content revolving around appreciating true love and never giving up on it is beyond heartfelt. I think listeners will enjoy the authenticity of the track, and most importantly, find every aspect about it to be finely-crafted.

Give Leah Capelle’s “Out Of Level” a try, and let its emotions instantly hold you captive.




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